Rapallo Cemetery

The project takes advantage of the site morphology to arrange the more burial places as possible with the lesser effort and cost. The new buildings will define the borders of the flat part of the cemetery, changing the current ugly and clearly unfinished appearance of the complex. A very long block of burial recesses will be built just before the huge retaining wall made of exposed concrete that currently bears the inner road. That operation allows to hide the ugly retaining wall and it simultaneously takes advantage from the two current levels, to access to the burial places avoiding to build a balcony. The cemetery extension includes an underground crematorium and a cinerary. The sloping part of the site hosts a woods with a circular path where is possible to spread ashes. Near the main entrance, a concrete wall defines a drop-shaped podium for religious or laic ceremonies.

The current situation of the site:

The final stage, with the project addictions in blue:
(1) chapels, (2) outdoor ceremonies, (3) crematorium, (4) cinerary, (5) remembrances woods, (6) pet cemetery

Location: Rapallo (GE), Italy
Year: 2018
Client: Rapallo Municipality
Status: Preliminary project
With: P46 (arch. Guido Risicato)