The Art of Waiting

The Art of Waiting: Gianni Berengo Gardin photographs Renzo Piano An exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute, September 10 -October 10, 2019 Two talents, two creative practices, two different relationships to time—yet one remarkable record: these 33 images of buildings designed by Renzo Piano and photographed by Gianni Berengo Gardin comprise the first-ever exhibition in the United States to present the story of a fruitful, two-decade collaboration between photographer and architect that began in 1979 and resulted in nearly 10,000 images, from which Gardin himself has chosen the photographs that will be on display at the Italian Cultural Institute until October 10th.

Bartender house

The quiet and sunny flat is situated in a XIX Century neighborhood in the city centre of Genova. The new layout of the flat is ruled by a huge piece of furniture, a sort of “domestic continuous monument” that cuts the house in two and strongly connotes the entry room, welcoming the guests.

Rapallo Cemetery

The project takes advantage of the site morphology to arrange the more burial places as possible with the lesser effort and cost.

Gianni Berengo Gardin fotografa Renzo Piano

In 1979, Gianni Berengo Gardin started his long-lasting collaboration with Renzo Piano taking pictures of the construction sites where the most celebrated architectures of the Genoese architect were rising up.

Molo House

The flat is situated on the top of a tall building in the old harbour of Genova, with a great view over the city centre.


Originally conceived for the Unfolding Pavilion call for installations, the piece of furniture that we displayed during the Biennale is a sort of prototype of an autonomous design object that could be produced serially.

Cranes Attic

The flat is situated in the city centre of Genoa, on the top of a building in the medieval neighbour on the old dock that protects the city for the Middle Age.

BiLo – Nuova Biblioteca Lorenteggio

Un campo relazionale Il progetto concepisce la nuova biblioteca non tanto come un edificio, quanto come una porzione di paesaggio, una porzione “eccezionale” del parco urbano dentro cui si colloca.

Sassa School Complex

Qualità architettonica, valenza sociale, spazi verdi Il principio insediativo scelto per il nuovo complesso scolastico prende le mosse dalle condizioni imposte alla progettazione dalle specificità amministrative e naturali del lotto: la fascia di rispetto stradale, i limiti all'edificabilità imposti dell'infrastruttura dell'acquedotto che taglia in due l'area di progetto, il forte dislivello che la caratterizza.

Into the woods

The building is situated in the countryside near Genova, surrounded by a chestnut trees woods. Before the refurbishment works, the house was characterized by a long corridor that completely cut the flat, leading to the several rooms arranged on both its sides.