Farine Varvello Expo 2015

For over ten years Varvello Company has focused on research and technological innovation, coming to produce a new kind of wheat flour functional for our health. In line with the subjects of the event, this italian food company has been chosen as main sponsor for the “Cereals and Tubers” cluster, inside the context of Expo 2015, in Milan. The project aim was to stage the strong link between Innovation and Tradition that always characterized the work of Varvello Company.

084_Pizzerie Varvello

The pavilion, covered by the existing metal roofing, has been conceptually divided into three areas: a cooking area, a market area and a wide area devoted to events. In the first area we’ve set up a new concept of restaurant focused on healthy eating. To underline the scientific nature of the project, this restaurant is conceived as a sort of chemical laboratory with long metal tables and an overhead projector showing the “table of foods”, a menu where clients can know the nutrition facts and calories contained in all toppings used in the food making or, eventually, they can buy them in the market area, under the menu. To leave the entire process transparent, kitchen and ovens are showed, like in a showcase, behind a huge glass, while lights and technical systems are hidden in the three white metal hoppers above, that look like the grain stores used in the milling industry. A high wall, lined up with the cultivated boulevard of the cluster, divides the market and cooking areas from the events area. This wide space hosts a covered stage (equipped for show-cooking, conferences and concerts) and a big grey wooden cilinder with a tribune for the events and displays for giving informations about guests who alternate in the six months of Expo.

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2015
With: P46, B11
Collaborators: Gabriele Molfetta, Selene Vacchelli, Giulia Puggioni