Gosplan Office

The office / home is on two levels, on the first and second floor of a building in the historic center of Genoa. On the first floor there is the office, a long empty space that culminates with an arched window protected by an ancient railing, perspectively placed in continuity with the system of arcades which enclose the historical city in its border towards the ancient port. This space is characterized by the presence of a long-equipped furniture that runs along the windowed wall and the metallic desks on wheels, custom-made. On the opposite wall, five sliding panels hide the utility rooms: a maquette room, a kitchen, the toilet.

plan 1


Upstairs, a large vaulted hall houses the bedroom and the study/relax area. All finishes allude to the precariousness of the construction yard, a result never definitive but evolving day by day, through the work that these spaces host every day: so the enamelled iron rods, the chipboard panels and the vault plastered with rough plaster upstairs find a balance and a dialogue with the peculiarities that already belonged to these rooms, such the big vault, the checkerboard floor, but also the woodden slab supported by ancient ship trees and the redundant railing of the arched window.

Location: Genova

Year: 2011
plan 2