Molo House

The flat is situated on the top of a tall building in the old harbour of Genova, with a great view over the city centre.

Cranes Attic

The flat is situated in the city centre of Genoa, on the top of a building in the medieval neighbour on the old dock that protects the city for the Middle Age.

Into the woods

The building is situated in the countryside near Genova, surrounded by a chestnut trees woods. Before the refurbishment works, the house was characterized by a long corridor that completely cut the flat, leading to the several rooms arranged on both its sides.

Black Mirror

The renovation turned a former office into a private house. Workstations were hosted in a large room that, according to the client's program, should have to be split in a living room and a study.

White Stripes

Approaching the refurbishment of this holiday flat, we re-organized the house all around a large living space with two windows open towards the horizon.

Blueprint Competition

Spazi pubblici Il progetto prevede di concentrare lo spazio pubblico nell’area di progetto a ridosso della collina di Carignano, in continuità con la passeggiata di Corso Italia e direttamente interconnesso con il grande sistema di spazi aperti che comprende Piazza Rossetti e Piazzale Kennedy.

Fisherman House

Boccadasse is a small fishermen harbour in Genoa that inspired many poets and singers with its narrow streets and its beautiful little beach.

Lasa Penthouse

The apartment is at the top of a building in the city centre of Genoa. It underwent a total refurbishment that pointed out the sloping roof, previously hidden by a plasterboard false ceiling, giving to the rooms a peculiar vertical extent.

Europan 11

Einbahnstraße A city history is like a one way street (einbahnstraße): you can keep traditional forms, but you have to change the way one uses them.

Cascina Merlata

  The Vertical Neighbour Recipe You have to arrange several housing blocks of different typologies in a square site: terraced houses, balcony houses, patio houses, towers.