Lasa Penthouse

The apartment is at the top of a building in the city centre of Genoa. It underwent a total refurbishment that pointed out the sloping roof, previously hidden by a plasterboard false ceiling, giving to the rooms a peculiar vertical extent.

Farine Varvello Expo 2015

For over ten years Varvello Company has focused on research and technological innovation, coming to produce a new kind of wheat flour functional for our health.

Il Salotto

When Sara Busiri Vici and Matteo Brizio came to gosplan office looking for someone who could design their clothes shop, they brought two requests: the brand had to be “il salotto” (italian for “the living room”) and the site had to be delivered within three months.

Balbi House

This flat is situated in the historical centre of Genoa, nearby the world heritage site known as via Balbi or Strada Nuovissima. Our task was to structurally fix the building, whose wooden beams of the roof were compromised by the long carelessness.

Harbour Attic

The project is a flat refurbishment in Camogli, a charming village near Genova. This is a small holiday flat, an attic above the old fishermen's harbour.

Green Façade

Sea Arts Hotel is a new hotel in the touristic village of Camogli, near Genova. It is a huge building made of five flats, dot far from the City Hall and the Old Theatre.

Veterinary Office

The rooms where we had to locate the veterinary office were really not appropriate, couse they were very high and large.
The design process started from these features, so we decided to divide the height of the rooms with a coloured horizon: the upper side is green, inhabited by the light and electrical facilities, the lower side is white, divided by walls in several rooms with different functions.

Gosplan Office

The office / home is on two levels, on the first and second floor of a building in the historic center of Genoa. On the first floor there is the office, a long empty space that culminates with an arched window protected by an ancient railing, perspectively placed in continuity with the system of arcades which enclose the historical city in its border towards the ancient port.